Gear List


What Should I Bring?

We will provide all kayaking gear and you will be fitted with this gear at the tour briefing before departure. To ensure maximum comfort, memories, and enjoyment of your Doubtful Sound Sea Kayak we recommend that you bring the following items to Doubtful Sound:

Note: please come prepared for both wet/cold and fine weather as conditions can be changeable throughout the day. Large tramping packs are not suitable to bring on the tour as storage space is limited but we can store luggage items for you at our office.

Doubtful Sound Kayak Team photo on Wilmot Pass


  • Guests on our Doubtful Sound Kayak tour should be able to swim and be of reasonable fitness.
  • Due to the nature of our trips taking place in an unpredictable environment, we are unable to guarantee certain subjects and activities will be available on every tour.
  • Route may vary due to conditions at the time of the tour. Fiordland is a very high rainfall area and we seldom cancel tours due to rain. The rainy days are some of the most spectacular with mountain mist and a profusion of waterfalls. Our main concern regarding the weather is strong wind forecasts for the coastal area that can on occasion cause cancellation of tours.
  • Child Policy: Children must be a minimum of 14 years old and must have kayaked some distance before. Each child must be traveling with a strong adult (as they will be in a double kayak with parent/caregiver) and be at least 1.4 metres plus tall and at least 45 kg in weight.
  • As the kayak cockpit is a fixed size, to ensure 'fit' into our kayaks we must impose a weight limit of 115kg. HOWEVER, kayakers who are wider at the hips or who have long legs please call and speak with us to discuss if it will be practical to fit into a kayak.
Map of Doubtful Sound Kayak tour route